The Interculture Project Database Student Accounts of Residence

This database brings together accounts from students writing and talking about their experiences during their period of residence abroad. The data consists of diaries written while students were away, and interviews and focus groups conducted after their return. The accounts cover a wide variety of topics, focusing particularly but not exclusively on intercultural issues.

Searching the database gives you access to a very large number of students' real life experiences. Access to the data is through a search form which allows you to search under particular topics or to combine topics to address more detailed questions.
    • Your search can be narrowed down to particular types of students, using the buttons at the top of the form.
    • You can select particular issues of interest using the drop-down menus, either on their own or in combination.
    • You can search by keyword.
    • You can specify results that match all of your criteria, or any of them. If you choose 'any', the results will be sorted in order of relevance, with the best matches first.
The search will generate a list of results. Click on a result to read the full extract.
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Please note: the machine on which the database is held will occasionally go down for routine maintenance. Scheduled maintenance takes place on a Wednesday afternoon after 2pm UK time. If you have difficulty accessing the database during this time, please try again later.