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We hope that this bibliography will be of interest to a wide spectrum of people. It covers many different aspects of intercultural communication, viewed from both theoretical and practical perspectives, including (but not restricted to) the following:

· cultural issues in foreign language teaching
· the period of residence abroad
· cross-cultural pragmatics
· intercultural communication in business
· the psychology of intercultural interaction
· training manuals for intercultural interaction
· assessment and measurement of intercultural competence
· culture shock

As those working in it will know, the field of intercultural communication is characterised by the huge variety of research being carried out. This variety pertains as much to the range of disciplinary perspectives as to the intended applications of the work. Considering moreover the increasing volume of work being done, it is obvious that this bibliography, or indeed any other, can not attempt to be definitive. For this reason, we would like to make it a collective resource, a focal point for researchers and practitioners, a place to store a common body of references. To this end, we hope you will email us with your own contributions to the bibliography so that we may continue to update it. As it stands, the bibliography has a definite bias towards American and British-authored work, which we would hope to rectify by hearing from our European partners engaged in research into intercultural communication. Furthermore, if you identify errors, please let us know so that we can work towards the highest possible degree of precision.

NB: The bibliography also contains a small number of items dealing with the methodological approaches used during the collection of data for The Interculture Project. In particular, there are a number of articles on the use of the diary and focus group as modes of data-elicitation and on the use of qualitative computer software in the research process.

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